Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Welcome to DHM

 To obtain proof that I really am a serious musician, click on the resume tab above.
Photos of me looking serious available upon request

That's me up there, in front of my shiny black Yamaha grand piano. I love it for two reasons:
  • It peels the paint clean off the walls when I play Rachmaninoff on it, and
  • Because it's a Yamaha, I can park it in the motorcycle slots at Wal Mart. You can't do that with a Steinway.
And I suppose the third reason I love it is that it allows me to do all the music things that make me happy, with the exception of conducting large symphonies and choruses. But that's not the piano's fault. When house hunting, we tried to buy Carnegie Hall but they didn't allow pets.

Nevertheless, all my other music joys can happen right there, at that big shiny piano.

And of course, that includes private music instruction. I teach piano, voice, theory -- including an AP Music Theory prep course for those of you who just can't get enough of harmonic progression -- and anything else that might interest you.

Want to learn how to sing? Play the piano? Arrange music for voice and piano? Sing, play the piano, and do card tricks, all at the same time?

Heck, I can teach you that. Except the card trick part. 

Same goes for choral arranging, arranging for instruments -- like trios, quartets, 90-piece orchestras, whatever -- and conducting.

Whether you're just getting started, are looking to compete for scholarships, or hoping to participate in solo / ensemble festivals, I've done it all and can help you do it, too.

I take students age 8 to 88; if you're 89 I'll need a note from your mom promising you'll practice every day. (I'm sorry; I don't take voice students under age 12)

Check the tabs above for rates, location, hours, and so forth.

And if you park next to my Yamaha at Wal Mart, please be careful not to scratch the paint.